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Meet the next Amal Clooney...

Updated: May 29, 2020

Meet Victoria Foley, our newest Brand Ambassador. Victoria spent her senior year of high school leading a grassroots tutoring program for low-income, under-privileged children in the Washington, DC area. This included helping kids from 6 years old through 10th grade every Saturday morning. Victoria noticed that the demand for tutoring outnumbered the volunteers, so she leaned on her personal network through an e-mail campaign and advertising to schoolmates in order to recruit additional volunteers so that they could get to a 1:1 ratio for optimal impact. She also created a bilingual website for the tutoring program so that it could be accessible to all families. Victoria is finishing her first year at Amherst College where she aspires to be a Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought (LJST) and Spanish Major. Victoria got interested in human rights law early in high school where she was exposed to inequalities in current events through her Diversity Club that helped her look at issues through a broad lens. She wants to focus on women inequalities and helping to close the gender gap, especially helping those clients who may not be able to afford lawyers. Victoria will be an intern for the Inner Rock Group this summer where she will continue to bring her leadership for a positive impact.

Instagram: @victoriiafoley

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