Joni Swedlund

Joni is the owner and founder of the Inner Rock Group and a recognized expert in leadership and resiliency.  She is known by her clients as "the resilience coach".  She has over 27 years of global business experience, including 18 years as a partner with Deloitte Consulting, serving global clients in the financial services industry.

As a professional adviser and coach, Joni serves as a catalyst for personal, team, and organizational transformations. She specializes in helping people identify and achieve their max potential in various aspects of their life. Her mission is to empower others through imagination, insight, and innovative approaches. 

She has a profound desire to see more women in leadership positions and helps them to focus on empowerment to live their best lives...NOW!  To accomplish this she offers coaching, consulting, speaking, and professional development programs.  She is a certified professional coach, a 2020 Speakers Academy candidate, active in CTI’s Leadership Development program, and a published author of a children’s book, Tootalina.  Most importantly, she is a Mom to two amazing daughters who keep her grounded.


Inner Rock aims to make proven impacts. Joni takes great pride in the progress and success of those that share their journey with me, and look forward to making a difference.

Stronger individuals. Stronger communities. Stronger world.

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