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Manifesting Goals: Step Up. Step Aside. Step Back. with Amanda Moskowitz

Amanda is a strategic creationist, engagement advocate, and compulsive planner. She love's the number three, alliteration, and pink. She support Microsoft in their stance on the great space debate (one, not two). And she has a deep passion for using communication, content, and creative to connect communities and create change. She's the author of two books, "Alice the Bee" and "Baba the Monkey and all That Noise" She recently left her corporate career to venture out on her own. The universe doing what she does, led her to a part-time consulting gig at BlackRock Center for the Arts. She fell in love with the people, the work, the mission. After just three short months, she became the Director of Marketing Communications at a cultural arts center that is not only providing access to the arts for all but has evolved into providing life-saving relief for vulnerable community members impacted by the coronavirus.

Banish Burnout with Janice Litvin

Janice Litvin is on a mission to help leaders and teams banish burnout in their organizations. She does this through keynote speeches, workshops, and accountability groups. As an award-winning speaker, certified virtual presenter, and official SHRM Recertification Provider, she wants to help as many people as possible take care of their physical and mental health, including teaching them to manage stress to prevent burnout, fall in love with fitness, and eat healthier. In these ways, she is helping people change their lives. She has developed unique strategies to maximize engagement in workplace wellness and has also developed a stress management methodology available through her workbook, Banish Burnout Toolkit.

Elevating and Empowering Women of Color with Deepa Purushothaman

Deepa is an author, speaker and the cofounder of nFormation. She is also a WAPPP Leader in Practice at the Harvard Kennedy School where her primary focus area of research is systemic racism and the advancement of women of color in corporate America. She speaks extensively about diversity, equity and inclusion and has been featured at national conferences and in publications like Bloomberg and Harvard Business Review. Extending this focus to her community, Deepa is devoted to helping Indian girls realize their potential, and has helped found Avasara, the first leadership academy targeting young women in India.

Lead with Confidence

with Denise Harris

Denise is a certified executive leadership coach, who engages other entrepreneurs and executives through one-on-one coaching, enterprise consulting and accelerated coaching programs. She speaks publicly about women and transition, and has facilitated numerous workshops on a variety of topics. When she works with clients, they create a trust-based relationship together. This mutual trust allows them to get to the heart of the matter. Working together, they'll focus on your inner strengths and resolve any problems that are keeping you from moving forwards. Any long-term patterns of behavior and thinking that do not support your success will be overcome. How does it happen? She provide tools, skills training and creative practices that are designed to allow you to focus on the business and personal outcomes you desire.

Don't Let the No Own You: The Ultimate Freedom with Christina Ho

Christina received the US Treasury Secretarial Meritorious Service Award in recognition of her superior achievement in leading the government-wide implementation of the DATA Act in 2017. She also received multiple awards from industry for her innovative work and leadership in technology, open data, and GRC (governance, risk and compliance). She is a frequent blogger and public speaker and has been featured in publications including AICPA Issue Brief, IBM Center for the Business of Government Magazine, AGA Journal, Nextgov, NACUBO Business Officer Magazine, Federal News Radio, and Government Matters TV.


Welcome to the Strong Women. Stronger World. podcast where each episode we interview different leaders to help accelerate your leadership learning, challenge you to take risks, to advance your own career, and teach you how to lead from inside out. 

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