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The Confidence Queen: Ellie Maxwell

Updated: May 29, 2020

Meet our new Brand Ambassador, Ellie Maxwell! Growing up, change was no stranger to Ellie. She moved four times with her family unexpectedly (including Middle School and High School). Ellie viewed this as an opportunity to make new friends and learn new cultures. This led to Ellie’s passion that no one should ever feel left out or bewildered by a new situation. Last summer, Ellie spent 8 weeks engaging with campers at New View Oklahoma, who all suffer from low-vision or blindness. This hit close to home as her Dad suffers from Stargardt’s disease. She learned a combination of confidence, resilience, and approaching new situations with an open mind is key to leadership success. Ellie is finishing her Sophomore year at Notre Dame studying for a double major in Business Analytics and Spanish.

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