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Getting Present: The Next Level Leadership Skill

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Getting present is a leadership skill that helps take your leadership to the next level. When we are present as leaders, we listen deeply, ask more questions, see more choices, get focused, and create connections. If this is the case, why are we not more present in our daily lives? We are human and get distracted.

Part of my morning routine includes meditating which helps me to get present and into a more receptive mindset. Although, a recent Fall morning my puppy Jackson was not in the mood to meditate. He had a lot of pent up puppy energy and wanted to play. I decided that I would transcend his distraction and concentrate harder while I listened to a guided meditation. I was determined to meditate and get present. That is when I heard the loud crunching. I did not open my eyes, but my ears were distracted. More loud crunching followed. Hmmm…that does not sound like a normal crunch. I decided to let my thoughts go and return to meditating. The crunching continued. My guided meditation ended, and I opened my eyes to my beaming Buddha puppy who had just eaten my meditation stone. This was a first.

After a few choice words that were not so meditative, I found the humor in the situation. I realized that I was so determined to be present in my meditation, that I was not present at all in the moment. Had I been present and realized that my puppy was bored and needed a chew toy or treat, I may still be enjoying that meditation crystal from the quaint shop outside of Santa Barbara. However, I chose to be distracted by my own meditation practice rather than what was happening in the moment.

We allow ourselves to get distracted at moments by our own agendas. When we find ourselves distracted in this way, we are unable to be present in the moment for ourselves and others. If you find yourself distracted, give yourself some grace, take a deep breath and re-focus. If you hear loud crunching, open your eyes, and meditate later. Your focus is needed elsewhere.

If you or your team would like to learn to get more present as a leader, contact me so we can explore what would work best for you. This might include meditation coaching (puppy optional), a mindful leader workshop, or signing up for an on-line intuition course to strengthen this leadership skill. There is no one size fits all approach here, we believe in bespoke experiences as we each have our own unique needs. Get present and work smarter, not harder.

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