Inner Rock inspires and empowers women to step into their leadership and resilience. Our leadership philosophy is to shift the paradigm to lead from inside out. Calling upon our inner leader that is rooted in values, purpose, and passion.

Leadership/Executive Coaching


A transformative coaching experience based on the individual’s unique opportunities, challenges, needs, and goals.



  • Deep self-exploration

  • 360 assessment/interviews

  • Energy leadership assessment

  • Customized plan focused on leadership attributes

  • Identification of leadership strengths and areas to augment

  • Pragmatic and intuitive techniques

  • Candid feedback

  • Twice a month coaching session (with unlimited access via texts/e-mails during coaching period)

Group/Team Coaching


High performing teams increase the bottom line and enhance retention rates. This coaching is targeted to help teams perform at their highest level and exceed expectations.



  • 1:1 with Team Leader

  • 1:1 with each Team Member

  • Collectively working with group

  • Innovative team building techniques

  • Focus on purpose, values, and vision

  • Plan outlining steps for next level performance


We also offer an on-demand coaching program for our corporate clients. This is a retainer type agreement where you are able to direct individuals to receive coaching when a need is identified.

Transition Coaching


A focused coaching experience designed to accelerate the learning curve in transitioning into new roles and/or other career milestones.



  • Interviews/soundings with key stakeholders

  • Transition labs to deep dive into relationships,

    talent and team dynamics, key challenges and

    opportunities, and priorities

  • 180-day transition plan

  • Candid feedback

  • Twice a month coaching session (with unlimited

    access via texts/e-mails during coaching period)

Consulting services for helping women succeed in your culture


There is a real cost to culture, especially in losing top talent. These consulting services provide a comprehensive deep dive into your culture to understand the behaviors that need to change to implement an inclusive environment.



  • Discovery/Assessment for current

       culture baseline and desired state

  • Infrastructure and design for inclusive

    culture embedding

  • Implementation and measurement

  • Training and preparation of your internal staff

  • Hardwire – working resistance and systematically

    reinforcing desired behaviors

Professional Development Programs


We offer customized professional development programs based on your organizations pressing needs.


  • Update/tailor your existing programs

  • Develop new original programming

  • Leverage our existing inventory of programs

  • Train your trainers on any of our existing programs (licensing agreement)

  • All programs available virtually or in-person

On-line Training


We offer off the shelf professional development training programs that are self-paced and self-directed. Options are available to purchase individually, for bulk users, or on a subscription basis.



We are available to help you professionally facilitate your own professional development programs and material, and speak at your events whether that is for a breakout session or a Keynote.


Building Resilience


Resilient Leadership Coaching:  A comprehensive coaching program explores the key characteristics of resilient leaders and how to apply them to your leadership style and current situation.



  • Practice real-life applications of the key skills related to building resilience to your professional and personal life  

  • Strengthen your intuition

  • Learn to help navigate whatever life may bring you

  • Create a 180-day plan

  • Twice monthly coaching sessions (with unlimited access via texts/e-mails during coaching period)




Building Resilience Workshop:  Building resilience is an interactive 4-hour professional development program that explores the common characteristics of resilient leaders who effectively manage and navigate any situation in life or work. 


  • Practice a variety of skills and techniques to help build a stronger core  

  • Engage in activities and discussion that explore resilience skills in the areas (e.g., quickly recovering from any situation, bringing a positive mindset – even in the challenging moments, identifying projections and establishing healthy boundaries, learning to focus on what is important, etc.)

  • Commit and create a plan of action



Inner Warrior Development Program:  This program is designed to help participants find their inner warrior and fully step into their power. 


  • Exploring the benefits of accessing one’s inner warrior and how to do that

  • Pushing boundaries and setting new ones to access this powerful source within themselves

  • Building muscle memory and practice calling upon this strong part of the self 

  • Developing confidence to feel strong within oneself to handle any situation

Retreats and Experiences

Girls Leadership Retreat:  An interactive, immersive leadership experience for girls and optionally their parent to explore their inner leader, strengthen their intuition, develop greater self-awareness, and build trusted relationships.


  • A 10-month program that includes a 6 ½ day retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and virtual coaching, learning, and support throughout the school year

  • Ability to practice leadership skills and bring real-world challenges and issues to the group for continued learning  

  • Outdoor activities, individual exercises, and fun and contemplative group work 

  • Challenges to grow and stretch leadership skills to make a unique impact on the world

  • Experiential learning to build leadership muscle memory

  • Joining a tribe of like-minded girls that support each other on their leadership journey




College Women Leadership Mastery Virtual Experience: Calling all Girl Bosses! Engage in a dynamic, on-line leadership training designed to do a deep dive into the foundations of leadership and allow each participant to accelerate her leadership skills. 


  • An introduction to the concept of an inner leader, and an exploration of individual core values and alignment with one's life

  • Developing your leadership brand

  • Strengthen one's intuition and practice how to access that part of self

  • Practice filtering out the inner and outer critics and find your true voice

  • Build your resiliency

  • Develop greater self-awareness

  • Lean into your purpose

  • Explore energy leadership management and practice how to shift your energy to better serve you

  • Build trusted relationships  



Middle School & High School Leadership Camp: Live, Laugh, and LEAD! Enroll your middle and high school girls for this leadership camp that will transform their leadership and confidence skills this summer!


  • Performing a deep dive into the foundations of leadership and allowing each participant to accelerate her leadership skills

  • Accessible executive-level leadership concepts

  • Developing confidence through risk-taking techniques and deep self-exploration

  • Learning pragmatic and intuitive leadership techniques

  • Becoming part of a tribe of like-minded girls who support each other on their leadership journey


*Note: Middle School and High School camps are separate.*

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