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Meet Blythe: Pioneer, Yoga instructor, Child Therapist, Wife, Mom of two Kids, and our Instructor!!

Blythe Conway is the best friend you want to have. We at Inner Rock are so lucky that she is part of our Middle School Girl Boss leadership camp this summer. Our summer intern sat down with Mrs. Conway to get to know her and share her wisdom and advice with you all. Learn more about Blythe, her unique work and background, and see what she has to say about our camps! If you’re on the fence about signing your daughter(s) up for our camps--- this will 100% give you some clarity… and will make you and your daughter want to say yes!

What is your role in these camps?

When Joni first approached me to co-lead, it was a position that would involve following Joni as she introduces the material and explaining the anteral, but also bringing me in as the component with the counseling background. I am a licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist for teens and children for the last 12 years. I’m passionate about bringing teen girls into counseling