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Go Beyond with Leah Chizmar

Throughout Leah’s experience at the University of Findlay, a passion of combining the sciences with the arts took a deep root within. As an Animal Science Pre-Veterinary track major, a lot of her coursework included rigorous classes in the chemistry and biology departments. Noticing that many of her classmates were often extremely stressed, she decided she wanted to make a difference and alleviate these negative emotions. Upon picking up a theatre performance minor, she began to take part in many acting and directing classes as well as fulfill roles both on and off-stage. Leah says, “The theatre invites countless opportunities to improve communication and collaboration skills while the sciences strengthen academic rigor and critical thinking.” Upon talking to some of her fellow scientific peers, they began to take an acting class just for fun or audition to practice calming their nerves for future interviews. From freshman to seniors, Leah has encouraged Biology, Physical Therapy, and other Animal Science students to get involved in the arts in some way. Working with a glimmer of an idea and allowing for future discoveries has allowed Leah to see the value in being a well-rounded individual. She is very excited to attend veterinary school this fall and contribute to the community in a meaningful way by fostering the human-animal bond and advocating for the arts.

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