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Meet our first Brand Ambassador

Meet Ava Pumpelly our first Brand Ambassador for Inner Rock. When Ava was 14, she transferred into a high school that was not originally in her district. This meant not having any existing friends and going from a small class size of 80 to over 700. In addition, the other students had grown up together and already had their established friend groups. Ava's extracurricular activities were also outside of the school, which further impacted her ability to connect. It felt isolating and made her question who she was. This inspired Ava to create an opportunity for more inclusiveness at her high school. She

found her passion for inclusiveness through photography and videos by providing voices and helping many be seen through being the historian. She also got involved in Student Government where she champions programs to create more inclusiveness in the environment. This includes presentations in multiple languages, spending every other Tuesday with special education students and helping them to get to know the teachers better, and creating opportunities to connect with Middle School students to help answer their questions about high school. Ava took an initial insecurity and found her power to help others by creating a different experience. Ava says that "the best way to gain confidence is by doing the right thing. No other kid should walk through the doors of this high school and feel the way that I did." That is leadership impact.

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